Posted by: Teacher Peter | April 1, 2015

Mars Needs Teachers!

Orientation – April 1, 2015
Guess what? We’ve decided to leave the country again, but at least this time there won’t be a
language barrier. Click the link below, to read more about our exciting new adventure.
We’ve already been to most of North America, Asia, South America, and a bit of Europe so
we’ve decided to sign on with NASA for their 100 year space project. The Colony ship will be
taking volunteers from all walks of life, including children. and where there are children,
there is a need for teachers.
This is a very big decision and we’ve considered it thoroughly . We didn’t share this news
with our family and friends until now because when we applied 2 years ago, we didn’t think
we’d ever get this far in the process.
Training camp begins this summer in Texas. If accepted into the program, we’d locate to a
top secret military / NASA base within the year and we’d leave for Mars soon after. Here we
are training in the Texas heat for our first simulation of life abroad.



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