Posted by: Teacher Peter | July 15, 2011

Riding the Bus, Airport Travel

Whether you’re headed to Tapei for the weekend or making a longer trip to the East Coast of the island or Kenting in the south, buses are your friend.


Getting to Taoyuan International airport in Taipei.I recommend taking the HSR (High Speed Rail a.k.a. “GaoTie” ). Tell the taxi driver “gao Tie” (the Chinese word abbreviation of a longer phrase that means high speed rail) and they will take you to the only HSR station in Taichung. It’s a different station than the regular train.¬† The first HSR out of Taichung leaves at 6am. It takes about 40 minutes to get to Taoyuan and 50 min/1 hour to get to Taipei. Your ticket stub will have exact arrival and departure times.

Do you need to be there before 6:40am? Take the bus:

1.Fego Bus a.k.a “Flying Dog” or FreeGo. I haven’t found an English website for them yet. First bus to Taoyuan airport from Taichung leaves at 3am. Then, every 20 minutes.

2. Other resources:

Taiwan Secrets is a great travel blog in general. Here’s their bus section:



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