Posted by: Teacher Peter | June 4, 2011

How to Order Tickets for the High Speed Rail


1. Go to the High Speed Rail Station. Tell the Taxi Driver “Gao Tie”. This is the Chinese abbreviation of “High Speed Railroad Train Station.” Gao mean “high or high speed”,  “tie” means “rail” instead of railroad. There are two train stations in Taichung City. One is for High Speed Rail (HSR) only and the other is for Express or Limited Express only. Once you get to the station, buying tickets is easy. The automated ticket machines all have easy to follow English guides.

2. Go to any convenience store (Family Mart or 7-11). They both have automated machines. Can’t read Chinese? (or don’t want to learn?) skip this step.

3. Go to the HSR website. There’s a guide in English.

Go to online booking:

a) You can purchase with credit card or reserve using your passport #. I usually just reserve tickets. Reservations are good for about 16 hours. When you reserve tickets you can input your passport number and your cell phone number. The system will text you a message.

b) Now, go to the convenience store. (All are 24 hours). The text message will say when you have to pick them up by . I think after 16 hours the reservation expires.

c) Show the person at the counter your text message and they’ll help you with the rest. After you’ve watched them do this for you a few times you can probably figure out the steps:

1. Choose buy tickets (picture of tickets)

2. Choose HSR (there’s a picture of a train)

3. input the last 4 digits of your passport number. ONLY the last 4 digits are needed. This is printed on your ARC so you don’t need to bring your passport.

4. Input the confirmation number from the text message.

5. Inspect the tickets. The picture of tickets shown is ONLY A SAMPLE. Not the date on the sample. It will be for some other date, probably January. But DO read the details at the top of the screen. Most of it is in Chinese but it will display station departure, arrival, train number, time of depart/arrival, number of tickets, etc.

6. If the tickets are correct, hit pay. Bring the receipt to the cashier at the convini and pay. They’ll give you your tickets!


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