Posted by: Teacher Peter | March 15, 2011

New York State of Mind

Peter & Kristin’ Top Ten Things to Do in New York City.

Make sure you check the “resources” section down at the bottom. There are links to websites with a more comprehensive listing. Most of the one’s I chose focus on NYC on the cheap.

1. Zabar’s:,default,pg.html

2. Go see a Broadway show

TKTS is one way to get discount tickets:

3. Go see live music. Ask somebody else about this. We haven’t gone in years. Although there’s often great live music right in the subways stations. Try Grand Central, Penn Station, or Times Square. They’re some of the biggest stations.

4. Spend a day in Greenwhich Village.

(By which I man SoHo, NoHo or anything on the southern tip of Manhattan.)

5. Visit Southstreet Seaport.

6. Go to a flea market.

Here’s my favorite. I’ve been going here for over 30 years!

But there are others too:

7. Coney Island. Hot dogs anyone?

Speaking of which, visit Gray’s Papaya. It’s an institution.

Btw, I don’t eat hot dogs anywhere but I LOVE the coconut juice at Gray’s.

Other NYC cheap eats:

8. Wollman Rink and the Apple store at Central Park & 59th street.

9. Visit a museum. They’re are hundreds. Some of our favorites are:

Museum of Natural History (See: Night at the Museum)

Rose Space Center



10. Go shoppping!

More to come….

11. Visit the tourist spots:

Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty. Take a boat or segway tour.

12. A few of our random favorites:

Alice’s Tea Cup: A must for fans of high tea or the Mad Hatter


Village Voice: a free newspaper that is available on the street in NYC.

New York Magazine: geared towards true New Yorkers, this magazine is generally for people with more money to spend than I do. However, it’s a great guide for film, theater, dance, and other attractions for those visiting.


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