Posted by: Teacher Peter | February 3, 2011

The search for the best dumplings

Ever since our friend, Mr. Akimoto, took us out for Manju (and unfortunately ordered us 8 bowls of dumplings instead of 8 dumplings) we’ve been trying to find them again.

What are “Manju”? Well Akimoto-san only speaks Japanese so I assumed that was just the Japanese word for dumplings or “Xue Jiao” in Mandarin. I just read an article in a magazine today and apparently “soup dumplings” have a different name: Xiao Long Bao. They’re better too. Unlike regular dumplings they’re filled with a juicy broth that squirts into your mouth when you bite into them.

Next stop: Xiao Long bao at Jao Jan Feng!


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