Posted by: Teacher Peter | September 5, 2010

Chapter 2: Life in Taichung

Sorry for the “Radio Silence”, folks. Our first two months in Taiwan have been hectic. I have been at work at school from 8am – 7pm every weekday for all of July and August, while Kristin has worked 8am-5pm. The only thing that kept me sane and focused during those 45 hour weeks was getting to NOW.

Starting in September, and lasting the rest of the year, I will only have 12 hours of contact with students per week, most days being about 2-3 hours. Yes, our school is truly an afterschool program. What will I do the rest of the time? prep for classes, write for Rainbow Time, study Chinese, go out for bubble tea. And everyone at our school takes a 2 hour lunch.

So the MAIN STORY begins here. Today I am adding a LIVING in Taiwan section.

Question: It’s been two months!! What the heck have you been up to???

Answer: I’m not sure. The time has flown by. As I said, I’ve been working 45 hour weeks and, believe it or not, still been bringing work home on the weekends. With that said, in the past two months we have:

  • Received our Alien Registration Cards
  • Opened a Post Office Bank Account
  • learned to drive our scooter
  • been to about five different malls, 6 different book stores, a library, 3 different movie theaters, and the (outside of) local Science Museum.
  • visited Sun Moon Lake
  • played basketball, billiards, chess, poker, and the occasional board games.
  • learned how to watch tv and movies overseas
  • watched tv/movies on cable
  • sampled Taiwanese cuisine
  • visited a few night markets
  • made friends
  • celebrated birthdays
  • and skyped with out family.

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