Posted by: Teacher Peter | June 30, 2010

The Story So Far, Part 2: Top Ten

Before the triumphant conclusion to the “Chute and Ladders” story, arc, here’s another quick summary of what we’ve learned so far.

1. We are staying in a hotel called “The Enterprise” for our first week. We moved in Saturday, June 26th at about 2 am.

2. We fell asleep around 3 am and awoke the next day, sans luggage to go get our “Health Check.” In order to apply for an “Alien Registration Card” or ARC, one needs to first have a standard physical , with chest x-ray, and get a measles shot or two.

3. Bubble Tea is abundant. (Pretty much 4 per street).

4. Scooters even more so. ( As plentiful as Mosquitos in MN in July).

5. Many Taiwanese, but not all, speak English. I’m not sure how skewed my perspective is by my job. I work at an English language school. But most of the staff at our hotel speaks English, a few of the cab drivers do, and at the mall by our hotel there’s at least one fluent speaker at each business or restaurant.

6. There is a mall by our hotel with nine floors of fun: conveyor belt sushi, Carre Four ( a French chain of big box stores like Super Target), a movie theater, a gym, and much more.

7. It will be about as hot and humid as the sun for the foreseeable future ( until November).

8. You can do all your banking needs, including paying bills, at the 7-11. (You can also buy slushies, rent VCD’s, and get flip flops in your size.)

9. You must take off your shoes when you enter a school/house and switch to indoor slippers….like in Japan.

10. Taiwanese people are very friendly and helpful. They also really like cameras and taking pictures.



  1. Hmmm. I think #5 is skewed. It seems there’s a big English speaking community there which is cool, but it’ll be more interesting if you can get away from it from time to time.

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