Posted by: Teacher Peter | June 26, 2010

Day 2: Anniversary


One year ago today, I was standing on a sand covered beach, rose petals scattered about, standing under a chuppa before the eyes of 10-12 of my closest friends and family members (and several random by-standers on the public beach) watching my beloved walk down the aisle toward my smiling face.

One year ago, June 27, 2009: Monterey, California

I made the decision to be wed to Kristin. She is my beloved and my friend.

Fast forward to today: June 27, 2010

We are sitting in a hotel room in Taichung, Taiwan. We’ve been in the country for about 1 day. It took us over 48 hours of travel time to get here. It is Sunday, a day off and our adventure is about to begin.

I don’t know what lies ahead. Will we love our new life in this strange foreign land? Will we hate it? (Or some mixture of both.)

Come what may, I’m glad to have my best friend, my beloved, and my wife along with me on the journey. (BTW, those three people are all Kristin.)

Here’s a riddle for you, Please respond with you answers via blog comment, facebook, or e-mail:

You are standing at a bus stop. Standing next to you is an eldery woman and the woman of your dreams. There’s a hurricane coming and it looks pretty BAD. All of a sudden, you best friend pulls up in car to rescue you. The downside: there’s only room in the car for 1 more passenger. (It’s a two seater). Whom do you save?

(Source: paraphrased from one of my favorite movies, 16 Blocks.)



  1. Happy Anniversary! I hope you are enjoying it so far. So how is the hotel different than one here? What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve seen there (besides Kristin / Peter)? What’s the scariest thing you’ve seen so far? I’m just so curious!!!

    Happy year 1! Year 2 is sure to be full of adventure! I’m glad you have eachother there!

    Love you lots!!!! Val

    • Kristin says: The hotel has a hard bed (wooden planks under the mattress not springs). You can’t drink the water. I haven’t seen anything beautiful yet.

      Peter says: We’re still a bit overwhelmed. Between being stuck on planes for over 24 hours, arriving a day late to our destination, having our luggage gone missing for 4 days, and arriving in a place where we neither understand the language nor the culture….it’s been a bit of a rough journey so far.

      We’ll have more to say about beautiful things later. I think the scariest thing I’ve seen is 2 adults, 1 child, and a dog all riding on a single scooter. (At least they wear helmets here–well, not the dog.) The most beautiful thing I’ve encountered so far is kindness. Our fellow co-workers, whether they have been here for only two days or for two years, have been very helpful. The Taiwanese people are very nice. There seems to be at least one person who speaks really good English at most hotels, restaurants, taxis, and other businesses that we’ve frequented.

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