Posted by: Teacher Peter | June 24, 2010

Day 1 : Delayed in Chicago

Moral of the story: Never book a flight through Chicago O’Hare. We took off 20 minutes late from MSP but still made our connection in Chicago–only to sit on the Tarmac for six hours. Why? United told us several fish tales from “customer service problem” to “unstable baggage” to finally “crew has gone illegal.” We had good company though. So far 7 staff members have found each other (including my wife and I).

Silver Lining: All 320 passengers on the flight from Chicago to Tokyo were rewarded with free hotel accomodation and meal tickets. We also got to meet some nice people bound for Thailand, Vietnam, and all sorts of ports in Asia. After being stuck on the plane together, the staff had dinner and drinks together at the posh Crown  Plaza.

Now it’s Thursday morning, June 24th and we will try once again to take off. Hope no more weather systems or equipment failures come our way.

Kristin’s ipod is loaded with all sorts of goodies for the long flight.



  1. Best of luck settling into Taiwan!

  2. what movies did you watch? i hope they had beverly hills chihuahua in the selection. i watched that on the way to AND from berlin last year. i cried both times.

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