Posted by: Teacher Peter | April 5, 2010

But will there be books there?

With two months left before we vacate our gorgeous duplex and three weeks more before we leave the country, Kristin and I are both filled with endless questions that lie before us:

1. What will our daily lives be like?

2. Will we survive Taiwanese winters that resemble our Spring, and Summers humid beyond belief?

3. Will our students and co-workers like us?

and most importantly, will they have books there?

Kristin and I both LOVE to read, but not usually from the conventional New York Times Bestseller. We like:

children’s books, science-fiction, comic books, cooking magazines, books about Queens, Kings, History, Hippopotumusses, inventions, rocket ships, rhinos….etc.

We have 3 bookshelves in the living room, 1 in the kitchen, 1 in the bathroom, 2 in the bedroom, 1 in Peter’s writing office/playroom, 3 in storage, 1 in the basement…and you’ll usually find some in one or both of our cars.

We borrow so many books from the library ( 5-10 for Kristin, 30 + for Peter) that we have a separate shelf for them.

So I guess you could say books are pretty important to us.

A quick google for “Taiwan Book Stores” yielded plenty.


Photo caption: Some of the various book stashes from around the house.


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